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For over a hundred years kids’ loyalty promotions have been proven successful, but little innovation has taken place while the world is changing rapidly and digital is in our kids DNA. Magneds has cracked the code with kids loyalty 3.0!

Instantly captivate your customers with direct reward campaigns. We create concepts that increase collectability. We design exciting and educational experiences incorporating themes that matter, both today and tomorrow. Changing the game with our UniQode solution, making every single collectable in this campaign unique, physically, and digitally. Enriching the customer journey and enhance the attractiveness. An effective way of getting multiple generations on the move.

The Fresh Heads – European Tour

The Fresh HeadsMarblesLidl THE FRESH HEADS AREROLLING FURTHER INTO EUROPE The Fresh Heads are ready to roll their marbles through Europe. First stop Belgium, second stop:

The Fresh Heads – Mini Garden

The Fresh HeadsMini Garden The Fresh Heads® are back with magical plants! Do you remember The Fresh Heads? Our lovely, cheerful little monsters are back