Albert Heijn
Marble Manias
Q1 2022 - Marbles

Marbles ready? Let's roll!

In early 2022 Belgium is under the spell of exciting marble races. On Saturday evening, famous Belgians compete against each other in both skill games and spectacular racetracks in the TV show ‘Marble Mania’. At the same time, customers of all Albert Heijn supermarkets in Belgium receive a free marble with every purchase of 15 Euros. Each marble displays one of the Marble Manias, 24 cool and colorful characters.

Unique game
Unique codes

Each marble comes with a unique QR code, unlocking its character in the accompanying Marble Manias app featuring a brand new marble racing game. Scan more codes to upgrade your marbles’ level and with that his skills, to finish first and complete a variety of missions.

connected channels

In-store campaign, app and TV show are seamlessly connected. For instance, the 24 characters are divided over the 6 worlds that are also represented in the racetracks in both the TV show and app game, and before each broadcast of the TV show you can guess that night’s winning color via the app. Each correctly guessed color yields a digital surprise.

time to finish

A handy collection box and an innovative cardboard build-your-own racetrack to be obtained in store complete this colorful campaign. Captivating from start to finish!

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