Get inspired by The Fresh Heads

Our lovely little monsters with picture perfect quality. They are definitely fun and friendly characters with colorful personalities. And not only are they incredibly cute, but they also have another thing in common: they totally love fresh! Every Fresh Head has its own favorite fruit, vegetable or herb.

To give you a quick overview of our Fresh Heads collection, click on the video on the right.

In just a few minutes we tell you how to gain more valuable insights and spread a healthy and educational message with fun collectibles.

the beginning of The Fresh Heads

It all started with the first Fresh Heads campaign in 2020. Full filling the needs of Lidl Belgium resulted in a cross-cultural licensee owned kids concept, The Fresh Heads. Perfect for a short-term marble campaign about fresh and healthy food with fun characters.

The freshHeads commercial slovakia

After seeing the impressive results from Lidl Belgium, Lidl Slovakia was convinced to embrace the Fresh Heads as their own. They launched a kids’ marble promotion and enriched the customers’ shopping experience by adding a smart digital extension to the Fresh Head Marble campaign. Marbles could be collected, played, traded and more, not just physically but also digitally. A big hit! The Fresh Heads were embraced by the Slovakian kids. 

Best Loyalty Campaign in years

The Lidl Belgium Mini Garden campaign focuses on stimulating healthy choices, combined with educational elements and sustainability. A campaign about growing and harvesting your own fruit and veggies. Key to bringing this programme to a success was the smart digital extension. Combining digital and physical elements. Implementing an omni-channel strategy and innovative solution of UniQodes to stimulate behaviour on a personal level and gain valuable insights. 

Collecting and playing, both physically and digitally, enriched the customer experience. In terms of sales the campaign was an unbelievable success. Best loyalty campaign since 2018!

Changing the game with Uniqode

Magneds presents for the first time in food-retail business a kids’ campaign with a twist, combining traditional success elements with innovative solutions to create a bigger impact.

Magneds UniQodes are created to gain more valuable insights by tracking behaviour on a personal level. This innovative way of integrating unique QR codes to a loyalty campaign keeps the customers aware and brings a programme to a next level.

Mini Garden app

The ‘My Fresh Head app’ helps the Lidl customer to collect all plants digital as well. Each package contains a unique code, so the app knows exactly which plant has been added to the collection. With the advantage that, thanks to the app, you never forget to take good care of the plants. Moreover, favorite Fresh Head Lumber has been given a leading role in this campaign and in the online game.

Marble maze app

It’s time to roll digitally! Picture your way through the maze by moving your phone to the finish line. Choose your favorite Fresh Heads marble, roll through different worlds and crown yourself Mud King or Street Racer!