Voice leads to better customer experience and more engagement

Conversational interfaces are popular. Because of Alexa and Google Assistant, the focus is now on artificial intelligence solutions. However, cheaper ‘scripted’ chatbots are also very effective. But be careful: before you know it, your chatbot

Digital coupons – what to do with them?

When is the last time you cut out a coupon for a discount or a free product? Depending on your age, the answer is probably either never or a long time ago. However, coupons are alive and well, only digital. What to do with them?


Magneds Sessions – 19th April 2018

The third edition of Magneds Sessions was based entirely around Wally. The world-famous children’s book character symbolizes consumers today: unique, always on the move, and very hard to reach. Where is Wally and – not

Magneds GDPR

Data form the basis of loyalty programmes. You can’t do much without name and address data, transaction history and demographic characteristics of members. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has a

Reward future-proof: attention to the interaction

Even though it is often assumed otherwise, millennials are just as loyal to companies as previous generations. However, they do want to be rewarded in a whole new fashion. Instead of just the transaction (the actual purchase), the

Build engagement: from heart to brain to wallet

Involvement in a brand leads to loyalty. Consumers want to be heard and they want to participate: from a one-time post on social media to an active, ongoing role, for instance through co-creation, crowdsourcing and customer panels. But

How loyalty works for Apple without a loyalty programme

An NPS of 72 and a measured brand loyalty of 87 percent. One of the top ten brands millennials are loyal to. And according to the Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, Apple is the number one brand in laptops, tablets and

Rewarding loyal customers: when is it the right moment?

Due to the current technology, we are able to fulfil our needs more quickly and more directly, so-called instant gratification. It gives us a good feeling thanks to our dopamine system, and that is why companies reward customers for their