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digital Smaakmakers campaigns

A DekaMarkt ‘Smaakmaker’ could already save for discounts in the shop as a loyal customer. Now, in addition to saving points for the Smaakmakers shop, you can also save digitally for current campaigns.

Save & Scan with the app
You can now save digitally by downloading the app, scanning your SmaakmakersPas and buying a participating product. Easy as that! Stamps are automatically added to the digital savings card at checkout in the shop and / or orders on The full savings card can also be easily redeemed by having the card scanned in the shop. 

Current campaign – Bathe in luxury
A savings campaign with the super soft towels from Home Favourites. Every 5 euros of groceries is worth 1 stamp.  Digital saving with the SmaakmakersApp results in another 4 free stamps. The campaign runs from 16 August to 17 October 2020.

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