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Ten years ago, Magneds developed the first online savings program for FrieslandCampina in the FMCG industry: Eurosparen. Nowadays a well-known concept and for many an example of a successful loyalty program.

With over 1.2 million consumers  (16% of Dutch households) participating, Eurosparen is the biggest FMCG loyalty platform in the Netherlands. The platform developed from a plain reward program in 2009 to a complete consumer activation platform today. Eurosparen enables all FrieslandCampina brands to interact with their customers on various unique channels. But more importantly: it enables them to get to know their customers on a personal level.  

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On-pack codes as key to campaigns and content

Unique on-pack codes on all participating brands are used to identify previously unknown consumers. Valid entered codes are key to content and campaigns. 

On-pack codes as key to campaigns and content

Every code is worth ‘Euro’s’ which can be redeemed for various rewards in the online Eurosparen shop. Codes are also used to participate in different (brand-related) campaigns or to receive unique (personalized) content.

Award winning engagement platform

Over the years, Eurosparen has been rewarded with various leading awards. In 2018 for example, the platform received the international Loyalty Magazine Award for ‘Best Loyalty Programme of the Year’ in Food Retail: “An impressive example of FMCG loyalty that provides a customer connection on various unique channels  to achieve personal relationships with individuals across multiple brands.”