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The Netherlands

Heineken biertegoed

For the first time in history, a loyalty program enables a beer bought in the supermarket to be worth a freshly drafted beer in a local bar too. With a mobile app as your Beer Credit Wallet and a platform for powerful interaction with your favorite beer brand. 

Heineken faces two big  challenges in the Netherlands: generating more traffic and transactions in both retail and the food and beverage industryhelping consumers enjoy a refreshing Heineken draft beer more often. The solution was found in ‘Heineken Biertegoed’ which means ‘Heineken Beer Credits’. 

The program rewards consumers who buy Heineken bottles and cans in supermarkets with a freshly drafted beer in more than 2,100 bars in the Netherlands. 

get your beer

Heineken Biertegoed is a personal digital platform for beer consumers in a mobile app. Consumers sign up with a personal account for free and turn from unknown customer into identified Heineken drinker. When consumers buy selected Heineken products in retail they find a code on the packaging. By entering this code in the app, consumers earn Beer Credits which they can cash in at participating locations for a freshly drafted beer.  

Bridge from
retail to bar

  1. Buy 
    Buy Heineken® and receive a code for ‘Beer credits’ on pack
  2. Activate  
    Enterthe code in the app on a personal account and earn ‘Beer credits’


  3. Enjoy!  
    Spend your credits on a draught beer in one of the 2,000+ bars and restaurants  


  • Heineken sells more beer in both retail and food & beverage and owns a digital platform for communication with fans.


  • Consumers get a unique reward and more interaction with their favourite brand. 


  • Bar owners receive more traffic to their venue and have more exposure.