The Fresh Heads
Lidl Italy

Campaign period: Q1 2022
Italian stores: approx. 320

For the 4th time the Fresh Heads are entering Europe, this time: Buon giorno Italy! 

The Fresh Heads encourage Italian consumers to buy and try fruit and vegetables and teaches children that healthy can be fun. The cross-cultural Fresh Heads is a licensee owned concept, perfect for short-term kids’ promotions. This campaign focuses on stimulating healthy choices, combined with educational elements and sustainable materials.

We launched a kids’ promotion and enriched the customers’ shopping experience, by adding a smart digital extension to the Fresh Head marble campaign. Marbles could be collected, played, traded and more, not just physically but also digitally. A big hit! The Fresh Heads were embraced. 

Ciao italy!

To make it easier for Italian kids to remember their favorite monsters we changed their original names to Italian names. Still the same cute characters, with the same love for fresh and healthy fruits and veggies. A cool collection of 25 recycled glass marbles, which can be completed with a maze album, marble bag or marble pot.

Drago - limited edition

A special amber marble is created for Drago, the 25th character who loves dragon fruit, and is only limited available. For the lucky few! The additional unique code adds Drago as a new digital marble and unlocks the special Drago world in the game. 


Happy to see kids get even more exited and triggered when adding functionalities, UniQode technology makes below functionalities possible in this campaign: collect digital, trade digital, play the maze game with your favorite character and unlock new levels. 


The Italian campaign also used our successful digital Uniqode element. Adding a unique QR code to our collectables we make every single marble in this Lidl campaign unique, physically and digitally. This code can be used in The Fresh Heads app to complete your digital collection, unlock new levels and play the fun app game. This UniQode opened a world of opportunities, to enrich the customer experience, stimulate consumer behavior, collect valuable insights and improve future campaigns.

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