The Fresh Heads
Lidl Romania


Kids promotion


Campaign period: Q1 2022
Romanian stores: approx. 320

A new year, a new country for The Fresh Heads! For their 5th performance in their European tour the Fresh Heads are heading their adventure to Romania to deliver some extra cuteness and happiness. A kids’ campaign with a twist. Magneds is heading for a different approach through combining traditional success elements with innovative solutions to create a bigger impact. Building our programmes smart by adding unique codes makes us able to stimulate behaviour on a personal level.

new names

It looks like the Fresh Heads have gone incognito, but they are only adjusted to their country. Therefore, we gave them new names, so it is easier for Romanian kids to remember their favorite monsters. Still the same cute characters, with the same love for fresh and healthy fruits and veggies. The cross-cultural Fresh Heads is a licensee owned concept, perfect for short-term kids’ promotions. 

Drago - limited edition

A special amber marble is created for Drago, the 25th character who loves dragon fruit, and is only limited available. For the lucky few! The additional unique code adds Drago as a new digital marble and unlocks the special Drago world in the game.   

To increase the fun and playability Magneds added the campaign with 4 completers; a maze album, a marble bag, a marble pot, and an extra marble flow pack for sale. 

Complete fun

To increase the fun and playability Magneds added the campaign with 4 completers; a maze album, a marble bag, a marble pot, and an extra marble flow pack for sale.


Happy to see kids get even more exited and triggered when adding functionalities, UniQode technology makes below functionalities possible in this campaign:collect digital, trade digital, play the maze game with your favorite character and unlock new levels.  


We are changing the game with our UniQode solution. Adding a unique QR code to our collectables we make every single marble in this Lidl campaign unique, physically and digitally. This UniQode opened a world of opportunities, to enrich the customer experience, stimulate consumer behavior, collect valuable insights and improve future campaigns.  

Win promotion

You gain a chance to win a plush Fifi by scanning a multiple of 5 marble codes. Every 5th code you scan allows you to participate in the sweepstake, after which you’ll see immediately if you’ve won! First you’ll be asked to enter some personal details so we know who to contact in case you win. As a bonus, a full digital marble collection earns an extra chance to win.

Complete your digital marble collection to have a chance to win a Nintendo Switch! At the end of the promotional period, four Nintendo Switch consoles will be raffled among all players who have collected all 25 Fresh Heads characters in the app and have filled in their details in the sweepstake. Winners will be notified by e-mail.

The campaign was successful in Romania. On top of the sales uplift, Lidl had more interactions with their customers, giving them a whole new loyalty experience. Participants in the app became ambassadors and spread the word by inviting friends to join.

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