The Fresh Heads

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Belgium & Luxembourg

Meet The Fresh Heads, 24 lovely little monsters. With their colorful personalities they are fun and friendly characters. And next to their high doses of cuteness, they all have one big thing in common: they totally love fresh with their own favorite fruit or veggie! They are very healthy, active and competitive! Created by Magneds, embraced by Lidl.


LIDL Belgium & Luxembourg

This campaign focuses on stimulating healthy choices, combined with educational elements and sustainability, based on the cheerful Fresh Heads monsters! In addition, The Fresh Heads encourage consumers to buy and try fruit and vegetables and teaches children that healthy can be fun. 


And we wouldn’t be Magneds if we didn’t put our digital stamp on it. On top of the campaign Magneds created The Fresh Heads app game. It’s time to roll digital! Picture your way through the maze by moving your phone to the finish line. Choose your favorite Fresh Heads marble, roll through different worlds and crown yourself Mud King or Street Racer!

Now available in the app store.

Album, bag & marble pot 

Fresh Heads are coming to all LIDL supermarkets in Belgium and Luxembourg. Starting from the 7th of September, for every purchase of 15 Euros, a customer will receive a Fresh Heads marble.  

In total 15 million marbles are produced, 24 different characters can be collected. The marble collection can be completed with a marble album, a marble bag and a marble pot. 

All to extend the high doses of fun and playfulness!