our powerful
engine: S7

About our software S7

Every great shopper activation campaign begins with great software. We combine technology and creativity in order to develop and integrate powerful loyalty and sales solutions on our very own in-house-built digital shopper activation platform called S7.

S7 enables our clients to identify, register, measure and monitor all consumers participating in current and future marketing and sales activities. With our digital consumer engagement solutions we help brands and businesses take on today’s challenges.

State-of-the-Art features

S7 has everything to get the most out of your customers. From an advanced data module to a gamification engine and analysis dashboard.

Powerful 1-on-1 customer contact

S7 collects customer data and uses it for relevant customer communication: targeted content, responsive direct e-mails, personal notifications, and much more.

Customization for your brand

We work cost-efficiently to compile the best combinations. Our large in-house developer team develops your customised program and integrates it in your existing channels.

Control over your loyalty program

The S7 back-office gives you access to all content and results of the loyalty program and simplifies amending and adapting it.

Saas: unconcerned and all-in-one

S7 is a service package that guarantees that your loyalty program operates properly. Excellently hosted, continuously maintained, scalable and with an outstanding SLA.

High-end websites and apps

S7 is the engine of your loyalty website and app, completely integrated into your brand website as well as app and built according to the latest standards.

purchasing data

With purchasing data we analyze the transactional loyalty of your customer. What does your customer buy? How much? How often and where? What category, color, taste, size? For the retail industry we link to the most-used cash register systems so that we can reward and communicate based on personal purchases.

Code module

S7 generates Unique Product Packing Codes (UniQode). These are smart cryptographic savings codes containing the encoded SKU, production date, taste, color etc. These codes are determined based on, among other things, the expected volume, galley proof and a minimal betting chance. The unique codes can be sent to the printers fully automatically on the production lines, in batches to the printer of your packaging or individually printed. They are the bridge between your offline product or service and your online touch-points. 

Shop module

The greatest impulse for customers to participate in a loyalty program remain the benefits offered by gifts and discounts. Our saving shop module can be branded customized and integrated completely in web and app. The saving shop is linked to many loyalty features, such as email and the rules engine. You can endlessly customize your information, such as products, price, bank account, order export, photos, delivery costs & conditions, and FAQ’s. You are able to maintain all reward items and settlement of payments and deliveries.

Cashback module

S7 makes cashback campaigns better than ever. Using for example barcode scanning and OCR, your customers can more easily benefit from cashback deals and you are able to get more customer insights.

Coupon module

Digital coupons are powerful rewards in a loyalty program. Various techniques are possible, such as swiping on location or verification with unique codes. 

Ticket module

S7 generates automatic tickets and vouchers for your events, products or shops. This could be implemented in a customized environment or via current program channels.

Account module

The first contact with your customer takes place via the S7 account module, which guarantees web accessibility and app-based registration of personal data.

The S7 back office shows you all customer accounts. You are able to see the complete customer history from creation of the account, redeemed saving codes, orders placed and payments made, to badges won. Everything can be easily viewed and adapted.

Personal content

The greater the relevance, the higher the satisfaction and conversion. S7 targets the content on the user profile. If your customer is interested in sports he will be shown sports-related content after entering a code. From information to saving targets, everything is personalized. 


Instant feedback after entering a code can motivate your customer in many ways. From the recognition of the product or the service and the appreciation of the purchase or agreement, to the allocation of points and offering surprising communication.

Social login

Make it even easier to participate in your loyalty program by creating a link with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Customers enjoy easy access with their social media account. 

interaction data

Get to know all your customers’ interactions. On what days and at what times do they use your loyalty program? Which pages do they visit? Which reward items do they view and order? Which links do they click in your e-mails? When do they open your mobile app? We collect interaction data in order to construct customer profiles. 

Email module

Create effective email campaigns. Using customer data from the loyalty platform, we can produce targeted communication with relevant, personal information. Put together responsive email campaigns to focused customer groups and assess the results of open and click behavior. 

By using an email, you can stimulate non-loyal customers, activate savers who have fallen idle or express your appreciation to loyal customers.


1-on-1 notifications at the right moment are very powerful. Through S7 you approach your customers personally with a push notification.
Combine customer benefits with location and you can make your message even more relevant. In-app notifications can also be used to stimulate your customers. 

Help desk module

The S7 help desk module is very advanced and has everything to allow you to serve your customers to their complete satisfaction. The help desk provides you with insight into your loyalty program. All this information enables you to assist your customers via telephone, email, and chat. You can also adapt content live, allocate points, merge accounts, and more.

image recognition

Via the image recognition technology that we apply in our apps we can recognize packaging or advertising (bus shelters, ads). You can then reward your customer after they have scanned your product with content (a film or article) or benefit (voucher or points).

Sound recognition

Using sound-recognition technology and a patented technique, our apps recognize what your customer watches on TV and listens to on the radio. We can, for example, use this function to reward customers if they watch your commercial or follow a program.

Augmented reality

With augmented reality, you project a (moving) digital world onto your customers’ smartphones if they ‘scan’ an offline object. You can, for example, project a film or game element onto a package or bus shelter and give your customers a pleasant surprise.

Gamification engine

Transaction rewards are only one aspect on the customer journey of your loyal customer. Rewarding for interaction with your brand promotes greater brand loyalty. The S7 gamification engine contains an extensive rules engine with which allows you to reward your customers in a variety of ways. From gaining badges and achievements with associated privileges, to social rewards and level progress. 


Your loyalty program can be edited using the highly user-friendly CMS in S7. The characteristics: on-site WYSIWYG: you can change live on the live-environment of your site and app or roll out changes in a controlled way every week to production via the staging environment. Other features include drag-and-drop implementation and label and tag management.


With your loyalty programme, you get access to your own dashboard with real-time insight into the results of your program. From the number of sold products to completed reviews and polls and their results. The dashboard gives you all the ingredients to set a strategy, deploy actions, and optimize your program.

Data module

S7 ensures safe storage of all customer data on our own servers in an ISO 27001-certificated data centre in the Netherlands. Never in a Cloud, but in an isolated network that cannot be reached from the Internet, thus safe in terms of the US Patriot Act. Everything is possible with our data module. All data can of course be linked to your organization’s CRM system. Daily updates or a quarterly report also belong to the options.

Data Security

Our security architecture keeps sensitive data (personal data, passwords, payments, coupon codes etc.) strictly separate on our own servers with the latest security updates. The front-facing web servers have access to the Secure Information Exchange (SIX) system with an encrypted connection via a defined API. The authentication token (e.g. password) can only unlock the data of a specific user. So even a hacker with complete access to the web-server can never retrieve data other than that of users currently logged in at that moment.

Data leaves the system exclusively via the API, via a secure connection to other ISO 27001-certificated partners (e.g. bulk mailers), as an encrypted back-up, or as a secure, anonymous data dump for test and development purposes.

Quality & testing

Magneds works according to DTAP (Develop, Test, Accept and Produce). Before your loyalty program is accepted, all the developed components of S7 undergo strict testing by our QA team for all devices. We also test whether all copy and designs have been implemented in accordance with agreements.