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Step into The World of Hero Baby

After months of looking forward, we are proud to announce the birth of a new platform. In these unusual times Hero Baby has worked hard on the world that continues as normal, namely the growth of our children. Magneds and Hero Baby created an online platform which not only provides new parents with information and inspiration, but also surprises and rewards them.

Via the already existing Hero Baby content is linked to every milestone of future parents and their little one, while at the same time they can start saving for benefits and surprises. The digital activation program creates and connects important channels. By personalizing the accounts, there is targeted communication with relevant and fun information for mothers. Hero Baby can further strengthen the relationship with mothers and future mothers.

The common thread within the platform is the savings program. The codes to save points can be shared on packaging (with the exception of infant formulas), in an e-mail or otherwise. The points can be redeemed for great discounts in the savings shop with a nice assortment for parent and child. In addition, important milestones are celebrated with additional benefits in fun stamp promotions.

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