The Fresh Heads
Mini Garden

The Fresh Heads® are back with magical plants!

Do you remember The Fresh Heads? Our lovely, cheerful little monsters are back and have brought new friends. This time they let all customers of Lidl Belgium and Luxembourg discover the world of gardening. From 19 April onwards you will receive one of the 24 pots with seed mat for each € 15 purchase to plant your own fruit, vegetables or herbs. With the unique code on the packaging, you can collect your mini garden digital, where your plant grows along with and you can also play a cool game with our favorite Fresh Head Lumber!  


A fresh new story

Belgium customers took the Fresh Heads® monsters to their hearts with the first marble campaign. The characters came to life in the commercial and were embraced by kids. A good reason to also use the Fresh Heads ® for a spring campaign! Especially for this promotion of Lidl, Magneds designed new characters and created a follow-up story, innovative but still familiar. 

This time our friends have new neighbors and when they look over the hedge, they see 16 new funny monsters working hard in their own mini garden. These adorable characters also love vegetables, fruits but also herbs.

Fun, tasty and educational

The 24 fruit, herb and vegetable plants can be collected in a special Fresh Heads collection box, so you do not forget what you have planted again. And with the handy growth chart, you know exactly when you can repot in one of the cool Fresh Heads flowerpot sets or harvest and taste. Lidl has bundled all that gardening fun in a cool activity book that teaches children of different ages about gardening in a playful way full of facts, puzzles, recipes, comics, experiments and coloring pages.

Collect and play digitally

The corresponding ‘My Fresh Head app’ helps the Lidl customer to collect all plants digital as well. Each package contains a unique code, so the app knows exactly which plant has been added to the collection. With the advantage that, thanks to the app, you never forget to take good care of the plants. Moreover, favorite Fresh Head Lumber has been given a leading role in this campaign and in the online game. 

Insight through a UniQode®

The unique code is particularly exciting for a supermarket chain. With these entered codeLidl gets actual insights that reach beyond predicted forecastsThose numbers provide valuable information which can be used for future campaigns. 

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