Loyalty: from dino to dynamite

Having to cut out a thousand coupons for three free tea spoons no longer works. The loyalty programmes that once made the phenomenon so great, are now wearing out quickly. How do these saving systems become futureproof?

More loyal customers with gamification in five steps

Loyalty is fundamentally about psychology. That is why efficient loyalty marketing predominantly focusses on experience and motivation. The same goes for gamification: applying game-principles makes the interaction more fun

The alternatives to price promotions

The FMCG industry gets more and more competitive. The increasing pressure on promotion leads to margin erosion, whereas well-known brands should be more involved with the innovation of their distribution channels and with

Loyalty according to Cialdini’s principles of persuasion

The six universal principles of persuasion by Dr Robert Cialdini are partly based on personal observations of car dealers and telemarketers. Persuasion often has a negative connotation, especially in the context of a true salesman who

The four building blocks of a mobile loyalty programme

Regarding campaigns, many brands commit themselves to generating free trial sales. However, the conversion to repeat purchases is often too low. Solution: a mobile (online) loyalty programme. Effective, cost-efficient and flexible.

Checklist: Is your loyalty programme still satisfactory?

Is your loyalty programme running successfully or is there room for improvement? Either way, it is a good idea to reassess it on six essential points. Asses your loyalty programme using this checklist in order to ensure customers

Do you want more loyal customers? Give them an advantage!

A loyalty programme can do wonders for your brand. If you play your cards right, new consumers will come back to you and loyal customers transform into real brand ambassadors. But if you play your cards wrong, that same loyalty