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Exciting double bill with Tesco

Spring 2024 sees the launch of an exciting double bill for Tesco, kicking off simultaneous loyalty campaigns in their supermarkets in both Czech Republic and Slovakia. The two campaigns revolve around the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, held in Czech Republic, with Tesco as one of the official sponsors.

A terrific theme to work with, because ice hockey is immensely popular in both countries and both national teams rank in the top 10 of the world. If you can then offer VIP tickets to the Championship finals as a grand prize, you’re already off to a good start. Add to that the introduction of an innovative campaign mechanism, and great things are bound to happen!

scratch cards 2.0

The campaigns introduce a new loyalty innovation to the Czech and Slovak shoppers: the digital scratch card.
This new twist on the traditional scratch-and-win card offers a solution to an array of consumer annoyances, like lost cards, forgotten coupons and dirty fingernails. Digital scratch cards make participating easy and fun through direct feedback, relevant communication and other digital features enriching the experience.

As a retailer, meanwhile, you benefit from a wealth of campaign data and the possibility to finetune the campaign on the go.

Increasing engagement

With each € 15 spent on groceries, Tesco shoppers receive a card containing a unique QR code.

With each € 15 spent on groceries, Tesco shoppers receive a card containing a unique QR code. Scanning the QR code in the Tesco Clubcard app reveals the digital scratch card. Paper cards are thus still issued as tangible drivers of the campaign in store, but scratch card materials like aluminum powder are no longer needed. Opened scratch cards, earned coupons and reward history are all stored in the app, so no more missed prizes because cards were lost or forgotten.

TwO-in-one promotion

The campaign itself, too, is a double bill starring two headliners: the scratch cards giving away 100 prizes every day, and an end-of-campaign raffle of the grand prizes – VIP tickets to the Ice Hockey Finals. Each scanned QR code also earns a raffle ticket, so all the more reason for consumers to collect cards in store! 

An innovative twist enhancing a proven promotion type. More magnetizing moments, more sales, more insights!

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