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After the colorful little monsters had put smiles on their young shoppers’ faces twice before, Lidl Belgium strongly believed in the brand The Fresh Heads. Which is why they were chosen to hero 2022’s back to school campaign as well, encouraging kids to take fresh produce with them to school. And what better way to lock those cuddly characters into arms and hearts than in plush?

Let's play

Eight of the most popular Fresh Heads came to life as stackable, squeezable square plush toys.

Plush toys are consistently popular among children of all ages. This new shape called for all kinds of new ways to play, or to simply be squeezed to release the stress of a long school day. In exchange for 20 stamps consumers picked their favourite character for free from an eye-catching store display.

The in-store campaign was accompanied by an app containing a memory game and other clever mini games – perfect to get the brain back in shape at the beginning of the new school year.

in the spotlight

Each stamp featured a unique QR code that could be scanned in the app. Each scanned code earned an extra in the game, while each 5th scanned code also earned a chance to win a prize. This crossover provided a unique opportunity to stimulate behaviour both on- and offline.

Increasing engagement

All this led to the highest digital engaged campaign at Lidl Belgium until then.
With a customer rating of 8.3 and over 85% of collectors stating they would (very) likely participate in a Fresh Heads campaign again. Also, the benefit of a smart digital campaign extension became clearly visible: those who were digitally engaged were 3.5 times more likely to collect a full set than non-digital participants.

Small rewards,
big impact!

Unlocking success with our building blocks: an appealing concept with a relevant theme, an innovative collectible and a smart digital twist.

Character design

Meet The Fresh Heads: lovable little monsters eager to teach kids all about their favourite fruit, vegetables and herbs. The more than 70 colourful characters are the perfect messengers to convey healthy habits to kids and shoppers in a playful way. Designed and developed from scratch by the Magneds studio.


Despite his remarkable appearance with his crazy ‘hair’, Crezzy is actually quite shy. But he blooms if you show him a bit of love, as does his favourite vegetable cress. Its rapid growth also makes him a favourite in the mini garden campaigns.


Worms’ hobby is math, making him a great fit for a back to school campaign. He’s a big fan of carrots and loves to teach kids about their health benefits.


Like his favourite vegetable tomato, Drifter’s lively character provides an instant energy boost. With his vivid colours he was one of the favourites in the campaign displays.

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